Cynthia is a Peruvian-American, entrepreneur, writer, producer, director, and speaker. In her role as Founder and Chief Executive Officer, at SMPLCT Lab, Hellen is involved in all aspects of the company’s social and environmental impact.

SMPLCT Lab is a for-profit R & D lab located in NY, New York, with a mission to create cross cultural collaboration between sectors; artists, designers, technologists, scholars, researchers, policy-makers, and citizens worldwide; design simple solutions for those living on less than $2 a day; and better educate society on sustainable living.

SMPLCT Lab believes that with technology jobs can be created, society educated and our natural resources protected while living sustainably.

The same concept inspired her to launch Socentech, a community for social entrepreneurship and technology in emerging markets.

Before SMPLCT Lab, she co-founded, directed, and produced GIRLS WHO ROCK, a crowd-pleasing, change-making concert during Internet Week NY sponsoring girls’ education worldwide.